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We are happy to announce another addition to the Sebatron product range...


Four-eyes and VAMP four


Hello everyone , it's been awhile yes I know.

I'm pleased to announce the release of two new units that are now part of the Sebatron Audio production creating kit.
Four-eyes and the VAMP four are two very practical designs that are almost imperative for any pro or home recording arsenal.

Four-eyes is a dedicated four channel metering unit that displays analog VU metering from peak through to average response.The model features four full scale backlit VU meters.It's very easy to use and to patch into any sound system and when adjusted correctly provides an accurate visual representation of four channels of audio signal as it is percieved by the human ear.Reading signals correctly means that recording levels can be optimized for best dynamic range and signal to noise ratio.
The VAMP four is a straightforward four channel Valve driven Direct Input unit that extends the tone of any electric/electronic musical instrument by utilizing the harmonic attributes of the valve.The amount of colour is completely variable , from transparent to quite coloured , with the pad/gain control and there is also some passive EQ for further signal sweetening.The EQ amounts interact with the pad/gain control to provide a very characterful sound manipulation tool.The difference between the VAMP four and your conventional direct input device becomes quite apparent once tracking and overdubbing has commenced.

These models have the capability to increment the final quality of your recordings so that they could be Euphoric !

Congratulations on your purchase.


CEO , cheif designer , head of security , events organizer -
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