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Welcome to the Sebatron Audio Website !

We are a committed company, based in Melbourne Australia, made up of a dedicated team producing High Quality Pro Audio products for the professional and home recording/music production industry.

If you already own a Sebatron product then you know our style and thanks for returning to check us out again...






We are very pleased to announce another new model to our lineup !

The Sebatron Thorax valve mic pre/EQ/compressor.

Over the years we have released at least six different versions of our Thorax channel strip. Each version slightly different from the last but all of them based around a single valve mic preamp with some shelving EQ followed by an optical compressor with valve gain makeup.

Our latest incarnation of the design's preamp section features six way selectors for pad/gain, upper shelf EQ and lower shelf EQ. The core preamp circuit is an elaboration of our AXIS and VMPQuadPlus preamps which themselves are upgraded and modified versions of our classic vmp series.

The compressor section, similar to our SMAC model, features the standard compression controls (threshold, ratio, attack, release etc.) as well as some extra parameters such as a normal/pump and feedforward/feedback switches to change compression characteristics. These parameters make the Thorax compressor section extremely versatile so compression can be confidently applied to such varied sounds as a gentle flute right through to taming wild vocals or heavily squashing drum loops. The comp mix control makes it super useful for providing that final tweek where you can dial in some of the dry sound to preserve some of the original dynamics.

We recommend the Thorax to be used for tracking vocals, instruments, processing pre-recorded tracks and if you link up two Thorax's together (via CV link on back) you can use them to process stereo mixes or sub-mixes.

The Thorax will add depth, warmth and sparkle to any signal that passes through it. It will make quality recording a far more enjoyable experience and mixing so much more effortless.

The new Sebatron Thorax is in stock and available now !






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