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VMPQuadPlus - four channel valve preamp
The VMPQuadPlus is very similar to the VMP-4000e in the sense that it is a four channel valve microphone preamplifier with the majority of the circuit being almost identical.
VMPDualPlus - two channel valve preamp

The VMPDualPlus was designed as a two channel version

of the VMPQuadPlus.Given the extra front panel space we decided to expand on the passive EQ section to provide a few extra options.

SPIDER - two channel transformerless valve EQ

Nothing beats a solid outboard EQ. Something that can take an ordinary audio signal and sculpt it in a way that infuses extra energy or life into it.

The Sebatron Spider EQ is such a device.

By using a twin-triode valve as the main gain element the Spider EQ is able to twist and adjust the sonics of a signal either drastically or subtly ....

SMAC - two channel optical compressor
SMAC is a Stereo Musical Audio Compressor (or two channel mono) that uses optical gain reduction cells (two per channel or ‘dual-servo’) to perform quality transparent audio compression, peak limiting, and automatic audio leveling control.

Due to the dual-servo optical based design, the dynamic behavioural characteristics of SMAC lie somewhere between the classic Optical type compressors...
Thorax - single channel valve preamp/EQ/compressor
The New Sebatron THORAX is an evolution from previous models most notablely in Frequency Response , Dynamic Range , improvements over noise floor and compression characteristics. Quality components and build make this Valve Microphone preamp and Compressor a must for any Professional recording setup...

Four-eyes - four channel VU metering
Four-eyes is a dedicated four channel VU metering device designed for usage in both pro and semi-pro (Hi-Fi) situations. Each VU meter is driven by its own set of buffers so that there is no load on the audio signal.

VU levels can be visually monitored at either the preset standard of +4dbu=0dbVU or switched to a variable level so that the user may assign a 0dbVU reference point...
vmp-4000e - four channel valve preamp
The Sebatron Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to bring back that Classic tone to digital recording and multitracking. The Sebatron VMP series (Valve Microphone Preamplifier) is available in two channel (with or without VU) and four channel formats ... the vmp-2000e , vmp-2000eVU and vmp-4000e.All circuitry is High Voltage Discrete Class A for optimal headroom, wide audio bandwidth and maximum transient response...
AXIS 200vu - two channel valve preamp with VU
The AXIS 200VU high performance Valve Microphone Preamplifier has been designed to give the Professional and Home recording Engineer a High Quality Valve Microphone and Direct Input Preamplifier at a reasonable cost. Great care has been taken in circuit layout and design to create not only an accurate and transperent sonic tool but one that can also overdrive with symmetry and subtly dynamically control or ‘compress’ the input signal in a manner which is musical and close to the operation of the human ear...



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