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by Hugh Robjohns at Sound on Sound,

Sebatron are an Australian company, who have R&D and manufacturing facilities based in Melbourne. To proclaim their complete faith in all their products, Sebatron are quite unusual in that they offer a 30-day 'return if not completely satisfied for a full refund' guarantee, plus a 12-month warranty on faulty valves and a three-year warranty on everything else. Would that all manufacturers were that supportive. Sebatron seem already to be very well-known in America, where they have acquired a reputation for competitively priced yet high-quality valve products. In the UK they're still little-known, but I suspect that is about to change... Read More »

by Sean Diggins at Audio Technology,

I've always been keen to use a Sebatron preamp, but somehow the opportunity has never presented itself. I have several friends who own them and regard these Australian preamps most highly, but strangely, most of them are in the US, where Sebatron enjoys a reputation for high quality valve processors at a competitive price. Here in Australia, the company sells units largely by word of mouth, but its lack of vigorous advertising means the brand is less well known than its more famous foreign competitors... Read More »

by Kurt Foster at Emag Apr 10, 2003,

Often the hyperbole that precedes a piece of equipment leads one to think that it will be the answer to all their audio dreams. All too often, this anticipation is the best part of the audio purchase. I had been led to believe that the ~Sebatron~ vmp - 4000 was a high quality transparent mic pre of the uncolored purest approach. While I prefer mic pre’s that color the signal, because I work mainly in the pop genre’, I understand the need for uncolored mic pre amplification for acoustic instruments and classical recording techniques. I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was when I discovered, that while these pre amps are neutral and natural sounding, there is much more to them. The minute I unpacked this unit, I was impressed. The review example exhibited a build quality one only finds with the finest hand built equipment and it is apparent that there is a lot of care put into the manufacturing of these beautifully crafted mic pre’s. I noticed there is a large “~ S ~ ” (the ~Sebatron~ logo) cut into the top of the case to facilitate cooling. A nice original touch! That can’t be cheap to do... Read More »

From satisfied customers:

I Love the damm thing!!! I've used it on vocals, acoustic guitars, drums ...with Ribbon mics, tube condensers, FET condensers and dynamic mics and haven't been able to make it not sound great..."
- Fletcher from Mercenary Audio

The last year artists with a combined total of around 13 million albums sold have all recorded thru my quad that you guys sent me...major label artists
- Monty Powell Nashville producer

Seb what can I say , I’m so pleased with this unit ( vmp-2000e ) .It really makes me want to record and write more music.
- Johann Triest …… Vienna , Austria

"The vmp is sounding great! I am using it in more situations everyday and have not failed to hear an improvement. The didge session was fantastic. I really liked the way the dynamics were handled. There were some loud screeches as well as the drone sound which were smoothed out nicely.Overall the unit sounds fantastic. Every application so far has benefited from being routed through the VMP-4000e. The only problem now is that I feel I need to upgrade my microphones to take advantage of the great sounding preamp. Thanks heaps mate for a fantastic bit of gear.
It's the best bunch of dollars that I've spent in ages."
- Amauri & Carolyn Amat (Sydney, Aust.)

"Digital harshness is really no longer an issue as the Sebatron units warm and fatten up any signal that pass thru them on their way to the hard disk.
The level of detail is astounding and the ability to really drive the units into a pleasant overdrive is a plus as well.
Excellent choices at an extremely workable price."
- Manny Grossman (New York, USA)

"Well ,what can I say? This is easily the best sounding (and most versatile) pre- amp I've heard in a long time."
- Ian Williams (Texas, USA)

"My other mic pre's include D.W. Fearn, Neve 1073, Crane Song Flamingo & Telefunken V72's and the Sebatron vmp-4000E proudly
stacks up amongst this company."
- Wayne Gardner (Producer/ Engineer / Studio Owner, GTA Studio Sydney Australia)

"Yes it’s my favourite preamp by far. The API just doesn’t seem to have the warmth. I love it on Bass and Drums , vocals and guitar."
- Arthur Lochlan ….. Northridge , CA.

"The sound of the unit is utterly sublime!"
- Nomad ……Atlanta , GA.

"I’m really blown away. I never thought I could get these tones through my microphones. The vmp is the best preamp I have for sure Sebatron."
- Andy Jones …. Los Angeles , CA

"I’ve been using my vmp for mastering applications as well as tracking. Seems to make the whole enviroment complete. I love the D.I on this thing !"

"I can happily report the Sebatron VMP-2000eVU exceeded my expectations and represents excellent value for money."

"This unit sounds freaking awesome. Bass direct or any mic I put in it, its as versatile as I expected from what I have read on the internet and then it just sounds good any way I set it. At this point I only have a small pro tools le system and I was using a Focusrite Octopre, I added the VMP4000 and I now have so many tonal options. I would love to hear what your compressor is like."

"It's great for adding a colored, soulful sound. We've used it on drum machines, OH's - with "air" EQ on, bass, gtr amps, vocals. The low-end is nice, round and full."

"We've had a Sebatron vmp-2000e here for a couple of months, and I've gotta' say the thing is kicking ass all over the place. A lot of mic pres come through our doors, and a lot go back out. The Sebatron is staying."

"I have a huge range of preamps in my studio but the one I turn to first is always the Sebatron vmp-2000e. It seems to bring a track or sound to life.What it is exactly I just can’t pinpoint but my recording sessions have never run with so much ease."

"Thanks Seb! The preamp seems to been the thing that I have missing. I spent money on better A/D conversion but the pre is definitely the icing on the cake. I’ll be getting another soon."

"This thing is so great!!! I love it! I am getting such amazing sounds out of it... I really do want another. I just have to sell off a bunch of my old toys... They really are toys compared to the Sebatron! Thanks!!!"

"Thank you for making such a killer pre-amp. You pretty much have saved our band, we had no clue of how to capture our REAL band sound on DAW, until now. We hooked the preamp up, dialed it in for 60 seconds (nothing but levels) and next thing you know we hear, for the very first time, OUR band over the monitors. We are running an Engl Powerball and a Peavy 5150mkII and so far they always sounded solidstaty over the DAW. Not anymore, thanks to you and your products!"

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